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Fans of the terminated role-playing game, Princess Connect, can now relive the experience with Princess Connect! Re: Dive. This Japanese RPG is a direct sequel of the first title, allowing players to control the characters that they have before. It blends both anime and RPG elements, giving you intense PvP and PvE battles and beautiful animations. Be warned, however, that this game requires a lot of downloads—which eat a chunk of your device’s storage. 

What is Princess Connect! Re: Dive?

Princess Connect! Re: Dive offers the same real-time action RPG that the first title has. More than the main arena, you can also join PvP battles and clan battles—which are very similar to raid battles in MMORPGs. You can party up with five other players to make it easier to win. There are more than 50 heroines in this game. You can unlock them through gacha mechanics or exchange them with character-specific memory pieces. Note, however, that you cannot exchange event-exclusive characters. 

Each character in the game comes with various skills that can help win the battles—two of which are automatically activated at predetermined times. There is also the EX skill, which are stat-gaining skills activated at the start of the battle. More than that, you can also make use of the Union Burst, which are powerful skills that you can activate once your in-game TP is fully charged. Note that, aside from the Union Burst, the rest of the skills are automatically activated

This sequel game boasts very anime-like graphics. With this, you can expect mesmerizing cut-ins and cinematics. However, as noted, the game requires a lot of downloads. You need to download content every time a story is completed. Moreover, each story has a large size file, which would take up a lot of your storage and even slow down your device. 

Is the game good?

If you love the first Princess Connect game, then Princess Connect! Re: Dive will let you experience the game once again. The app brings the same action-packed story and anime-like visuals. You will also get to play the characters you love. However, there is nothing much to do in the game since everything is automatic. Moreover, the download will eat up a chunk in your storage.


  • Gorgeous cut-in animations
  • Varied character skills
  • Over 50 heroines
  • Three main battle modes


  • Requires lots of download
  • Almost all control is automatic
  • Eats up a lot of resources

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